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StreamLine / TraceME NANO

StreamLine is the most advanced remote monitoring and control module in the market, offering event based actions, track and trace, remote switching of outputs. The solution for the flexibility needed in today’s complex world. No matter where StreamLine will be used, thanks to it's ultra low power design, it will perform it's functions every day, every month, every year.
With StreamLine, you have the freedom to integrate the module in virtually any process. The solutions are limitless, eg. Monitoring oil drilling stations, monitoring traffic, tracking/tracing ships and or cargo, security operations, monitoring wind turbines, container status, alarm sytems, video control, etc. StreamLine offers internet accessable serial ports, allowing free data communication to your devices.

On all StreamLine modules, several options can be added/installed. Up to 4 peripherals can be placed on the StreamLine, eg:
Satellite modem
LCD screen
Bar code reader
Any other serial device

Für genauere Informationen siehe: http://www.yourstreamline.com/


DriveRight elektronisches Fahrtenbuch


Wenn Ihre Fahrzeuge nur sprechen könnten. Sie könnten dann jede Menge Fragen beantworten, wie:

DriveRight CarChip E/X

  Introducing CarChip, the smartest OBDII scan tool you can buy!

CarChip installs in seconds and lets you:

Troubleshoot your engine
Help identify specific problems, trace intermittent ones, and eliminate guesswork in repairs.

Log your car's performance
View straightforward graphs that show summary and detail reports for each trip.

Monitor driver performance
Set thresholds for speed, acceleration, and braking, then see when they are exceeded. Great for training new drivers, managing fleets, and reviewing teen drivers' performance.

Save money, time, and worry
Clear your own check engine light; walk into a repair shop more informed and confident.

CarChip fits most 1996 and later vehicles sold in the USA as well as many vehicles sold outside the USA (see below), to automatically record and store 75 hours of trip details, including:

* Time, date and distance for each trip
* Speed logged every 5 seconds
* Hard acceleration and decelerations
* Engine diagnostic trouble codes and
* status of other engine parameters
* Idle time
* Time and date CarChip is connected or disconnected.